New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit (NBCTB) – Eligibility, Status & Amount, How To Apply

The New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit (NBCTB) is a provincial program that provides financial assistance to families with children under the age of 18. This tax-free benefit helps offset the costs of raising children ($20.83 per child) and is especially valuable for low- and middle-income families ($250 per family).


New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit

The NBCTB is aimed at providing monthly financial assistance to qualifying families based on their income levels to help cover the expenses associated with raising children under the age of 18.

This program is crucial for promoting the welfare of children across the province, ensuring they have access to necessary resources for a healthy upbringing.

Eligibility Criteria for the NBCTB

To be eligible for the New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Residency: Must be a resident of New Brunswick.
  • Dependents: Must have one or more children under the age of 18.
  • Income Threshold: Must meet specific income requirements, which are periodically adjusted.

Additional Conditions

  • Applicants must file an annual tax return, even if no income is earned, to facilitate the assessment and renewal of their benefit eligibility.
  • Both the applicant and the child must have valid Social Insurance Numbers.

NBCTB Components

The NBCTB is actually comprised of two parts:

  1. New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit (Basic Benefit): This provides a base amount per child, with the exact amount depending on your adjusted family net income (AFNI).
  2. New Brunswick Working Income Supplement (NBWIS): This is an additional benefit for families with earned income and children under 18.

NBCTB Amounts 

The NBCTB amount you receive is determined by your AFNI and the number of children in your family. Here’s a breakdown to help you estimate your potential benefit:

Number of ChildrenMaximum Monthly Benefit Per Child
One child$104.83
Two children$209.66
Three children$314.49

Qualifying families with a low AFNI may also be eligible for the NBSS. This one-time annual payment helps with back-to-school expenses for children. The NBSS amount and eligibility criteria are subject to change each year.

NBCTB ComponentMaximum Monthly Amount per ChildBenefit Details
Basic Benefit$20.83The basic benefit amount is gradually reduced if your AFNI is more than $20,000.
NBWISUp to $20.83This supplement is available for families with earned income exceeding $3,750. The amount is phased in and may be reduced based on AFNI.

How to Apply for the NBCTB

Families interested in receiving the NBCTB must follow these steps:

  1. Annual Tax Return: File an annual tax return to allow the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to assess your eligibility based on your reported income.
  2. Ensure Accuracy: Ensure all information on your tax return is accurate, including your marital status and the number of dependents.
  3. Direct Deposit: Enroll in direct deposit with the CRA to receive payments promptly and securely.

Payment Schedule and Status

The NBCTB payments are issued on the 20th of each month. If this date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment is issued on the preceding business day. Families can check the status of their payments and the amount through the CRA’s “My Account” online service or the MyCRA mobile application.

Important Points

  • The NBCTB amount you receive is based on your AFNI from the previous tax year.
  • You can use the CRA’s Child and Family Benefits Calculator [CRA Child and Family Benefits Calculator] to estimate your total benefit payment.
  • There are resources available to help you understand your eligibility and claim the NBCTB. You can contact the CRA at 1-800-387-1193 (English) or 1-800-387-1194 (French) or visit the New Brunswick Department of Finance website [New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit].

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The NBCTB plays a significant role in supporting the well-being of children in New Brunswick. Statistics Canada data (2021) indicates that over 140,000 children in the province benefit from the program. By providing financial assistance, the NBCTB helps families meet the essential needs of their children and contributes to a stronger and healthier future for New Brunswick.

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